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Hossein SADRI

Dr. Hossein Sadri is a researcher, critic and activist. He studied architecture and received his Master of Science degree from Islamic Azad University in Tabriz, IRAN and completed his Ph.D. studies with a TUBITAK Ph.D. Fellowship at Gazi University in Ankara, TURKEY. During his PhD studies he conducted research on ethics and philosophy of Human Rights and wrote his thesis on “Architecture and Human Rights”. He holds an Associate Professor position at the Department of Architecture in Girne American University, CYPRUS, where he worked as the Head of Architecture (2011-2012) and then the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture (2012 to 2016). He teaches courses on ethics and philosophy of architecture, urbanisation and social ecology and architectural / urban design. He is the co-leader of the "De-Urban Design Studio", a design studio based on permaculture design, urban acupuncture and transition design. He is the member of the board of the GAU Centre for Habitat Studies. As an activist he worked in different positions in the Amnesty International. He was the national coordinatior of Human Rights Education and the EU Representative of Amnesty International in Turkey. He is a permaculture designer (PDC 2017 Permaculture Research Institute TURKEY) and studies Agriculture at Anadolu University in Turkey. He wrote and edited several books, journals and articles. During 2018 academic year, he conducts research on Current Urbanization Problems as a visiting scholar in the Graduate Program in Urban Design, in Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture at the City University of New York - City College in New York USA. 

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